Program Areas

  • Human Rights/Peace and Good Governance: Human Rights Advocacy (child, women and adolescent, youth), Peace Education in Community (SZoP) and good governance practice in community organizations.
  • Recovery and Reconstruction: education and awareness to vulnerable communities on harm minimization responses in the event of natural or manmade disasters, as well as providing relief and reconstruction support.
  • Quality Education: formal and non-formal educational/support activities.
  • Public Health: education and awareness on public and primary health care, child and maternal health care, HIV/AIDS and WASH
  • Agriculture and Income Generation: food security and nutrition sensitization campaign, child protection and school nutrition campaign as well as corporate agriculture promotion and income generation at community level.
  • Environment Protection and Climate Change: Advocacy and awareness programs on climate change and tourism development.

Violence Against Children, Youth and Women: Campaigns on youth advocacy, Violence against Women (VAW) and Human Trafficking, MenEngage and Child Advocacy etc.