Partnership Nepal (PN) Sindhupalchowk is an autonomous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2007. It has been focusing on the empowerment of people through the protection and promotion of peace, human rights, good-governance and Non-Violence in Nepal.

PN Sindhupalchowk has been active in protection and promotion of peace, human rights and good governance through empowerment of the community people and respecting their dignity. Most of its programs/actions or district level campaigns have been initiated from the community level. In collaboration with various like-minded local, national and international organizations, particularly those involved in the empowerment of people, PN worked through programs related to educational support and facilitation, post-disaster relief and reconstruction, livelihood, health and sanitation, community empowerment, human rights advocacy; mobilization and empowerment of disadvantaged youth, children, farmers and women group’s and advocacy, lobbying and networking.


Nepalese people live with dignity enjoying peace, good-governance and human rights with the establishment of gender friendly society and equal involvement of male and females in decision making and governance.

Mission & Goal

To improve the lives of people, particularly women, children, farmers, dalits, the indigenous and the most disadvantaged and oppressed people through education and improvement of socio-economic condition.


To facilitate active local participation for the institutional development of democracy, peace and human rights at the community level.